Sony will ban offline sales of PS5 soon?

According to the news previously announced by Sony, the brand new PlayStation5 game console in 2020 will be released globally on the 12th of next month. As the release date continues to approach, players’ expectations and enthusiasm continue to rise.

In an interview some time ago, Jim Ryan, President of Sony SIE and head of PlayStation, said that according to estimates, more than 7.6 million PS5 units will be sold by the end of this fiscal year. As of September this year, the actual shipments of Sony’s previous-generation game console PS4 have already More than 113 million units, if it goes well, PS5 sales will exceed PS4’s performance in the same period, but this means that Sony needs to have sufficient stocks of PS5.

Recently, however, many foreign media have released news that PS5 can only be obtained through online shopping when it is released, and offline sales are not allowed. BESTBUY Canada also confirmed this news to the media and will sell the latest PS5 console by buying online or making an appointment to pick up the goods at the store. Netizens have speculated that the reason for only allowing online sales is likely to be affected by the epidemic. Sony is worried that enthusiastic players will easily ignore issues such as “social distance” when making offline purchases, which will be detrimental to the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic.

At the same time, Sony officially released a new version of the PlayStation mobile app on October 29.

This update has replaced the app with a more concise UI interface, and players can simply and directly get the official news released by the game developer and the latest content of the PlayStation blog. The new application also integrates the function of PS Message. Players can create party groups on the APP and directly voice chat with up to 15 friends.

For the PS5 update, you can browse and purchase games directly on the mobile phone through the PSStore, and download games and DLC content directly to the PS5 host remotely, and at the same time, organize the host storage space.

The brand new Sony PS5 digital version is priced at US$399, and the CD-ROM version is priced at US$499. It will be released globally on 12th November.

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